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really great game ! Everything is perfect and well tuned. Can’t stop playing it.

(*<_ *


It took me over 400 days to finally have my own home! It was a great game! I'm not an English speaker, but I've made a video of one of the acts of it with English subtitles. 

This is hilarious!


wish it was free looks so fun


The cultured man's death stranding


I was a big fan of Enviro-bear 2000, I'm glad to see you still make games and this one looks fun! Thank you <3


Woa! Is this the Enviro-Bear 2000 sequel?!

Give it an icon, the blankness drives me crazy. Cool game though!

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How did you take the frantic insanity of Envirobear2010 and turn it into a black market capitalism/ slow-burn apocalypse survival simulator?

EB2010 was the perfect, tightest version of the humorously awkward control genre (surgery simulator, qwop, etc). This new entry is a great contender in the Elite-style independent trader genre.

Well done!



Finally an original game! This looks so much fun <3

My brother plays this game everyday. Thank you for putting together such an entertaining and fun video game.

I'm playing on a Mac and am having a problem:

The little grabby hand will only move within the upper left quarter of my screen no matter the size of the game window.  However, it reacts to the mouse movements as if the whole window is in use.  

I can shrink the game window down to fit in that upper left quadrant of the screen but to move the hand my mouse pointer leaves the window, then I wind up clicking outside of it and losing the screen.

Hi, I just updated the mac version. Can you tell me if I've fixed this?

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I tried a couple of downloads of the .zip.  I could unzip the file, but the actual game would give me the error "

“BearTruckTrucker 2” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

every time.


Ok, new version should work. Sorry, I'm not a Mac person :) And thanks for being impromptu QA.

It works!  The zip unzips, the file opens, I can grab things across the whole of the screen!

I prefer Mac for all things and sincerely thank you for making it playable on the platform.


yay! :)

do you have like a discord or something cause I really need help

I completely broke it and can't run the game but this was one of my favorite games so I'm pretty disappointed especially I re-got the game and fond out it's no longer free so I BOUGHT it to find out it keeps me at the same problem because it doesn't restart your game it makes you at the same point so it just quits when ever I open it as I'm falling off the map, also, yes I've tried the restart buttons many times and it doesn't work


anyway, what I need to do is delete the data/ saves for the game to restart (I think)...


OMG! I GOT IT! I JUST HAD TO DELETE THE FILE THATS LITTERALLY CALLED SAVE LOL! (this was one of my first ideas but I only had two things and would have to buy a hole nother game if I did it rong so I only did it now) now I just have to hope it dose still save the rest lol


A sobering prelude to armageddon.


Bear Truck Trucker


I bought it on Steam and played it.  It's a great game, so I'd like to set it as a showcase "favorite" on my Steam profile, but I'm sorry I can't because of a bug on the Steam side.  Again, this game is really great.