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is it local co-op and it looks soo awesome but i suggest u remove thoose wierd trees

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I made a fan cover!

Really cool game
I love this game. Its so fun and silly. Played it on my linux laptop and it runs great. I wanted to add it to my Heroic games launcher but I couldnt find a vertical cover photo so i modified a horizontal one I found. (yes I know the lower case a doesnt match the exact font, i couldnt find the right one)

DOES work on Steam Deck, ONLY if you edit the launch options to "Force the use of a specific Compatability tool" and set it to "Proton: Experimental."

It works on my reggo linux laptop with proton 7.0

It seems that proton 7.0 works best for most games on non steam deck linux machines haha


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.


Could this game ever become available on the Nintendo switch. It would play so well since it's so easy to connect controllers  and would play really well on the big screen like it use to on the ouya! I'm sure it would do well on the switch

I'm so happy this is here


No Brakes Valet was the Ouya's killer app and is just as tremendous off of it.

Loved that game on the Ouya!

Too bad it's not on Steam, it would be a great addition to my local multiplayer games collection. 😋


This was one of our favorites back on the Ouya, so I'm happy to see it available here!! I used to love to watch folks play it.

Hilariously hard and fantastic for a laugh

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Love the music, sounds, and the pacing.

Runs great on M1 Mac with CodeWeavers CrossOver (Download free trial of CrossOver, Unzip, then in Terminal: 'xattr -d -r NoBrakesValet' on the unzipped folder, then copy those files into new bottle's C: drive, then edit the Run Command... to point to Valet.exe, Save Command As Launcher, and then Run it).

Just watch out for the PM's car!!!

so addictive!


Thanks for putting No Brakes Valet into the bundle for racial equality and justice. I found the game after playing something more serious, and it was exactly what I needed as a palette cleanser.

In case anyone is interested, I wrote up a review on my indie gaming website.


Put it on steam

It's like impossible to get tips. But it's fun for a little while.

tried to play with muh bro and he has all like "this is too hard and it doesn't make sense...".

me: so you wanna stop?

bro: no one more round...

bro: crushes me for 3 rounds in a row.

Anyway why is the mobile version premium and the itchio version free?


. . .I valet'd so hard, I knocked the screen askew. This is the best 2 button hilarity I've had in a while. *thumbs up*


a stone cold classic


Ooooh, I remember this one from Ouya! It's sooo crazy XD This is clearly an instabuy for me! :D

Are you going to release it also on Steam? I'd love it there for the achievements and the "remote play together" function to play with my buddies online. If you put it there please tell us, and I'll buy it again! :)


Really cute game! Love the variety and randomness with vehicle types.


As a valet in a previous life, it gave me a giggle. The controls were pretty easy to get the hang of on my xbox controller. You ain't gonna park em pretty the first half hour, but if you keep at it you can actually do all right. My high score is $229 on level 1!


"Loved it, it reminded me of family"

Played it with an Xbox controller. Silly good fun. :) Looking forward to giving it a go with other players. The various gameplay modes were a nice touch as well, as they added some extra wrinkles. :D


Utterly unplayable due to hardcoded wasd control. :(

Can play as second player with arrows and ctrl though.

Still, annoying how devs disregard such a basic feature. :/


What?  Dang.  Yet another game incompatible with my Dvorak.  Still, I tend to assume that a lot of games in environments like this are from hobbyist devs who are still at the stage of "throw things at the wall and see what sticks."  So I'm not too bothered by it; I don't expect full compatibility from this level of game design.

(By contrast, a full-fledged game from a professional studio has no excuse for having hard-coded keyboard controls.  See "Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter", which I was managing to fumble along with until the eavesdropping mechanic required manipulating one cursor with the mouse and the other with the keyboard, simultaneously, as they randomly move away from the target.)


Simple and fun, I enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this game. I'm bad at it, but it's fun and I'll keep it around for a bit :