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There can't be too many people who've wasted this much time on the game, right?

At first, I thought that the price was a troll (a game done in 1hour, with a price tag to see if people would pay for it)

But actually it is much better than  that! A minimalist and addictive experience.

Hint : on touch screen, you can control the ball rotation with your second finger

Oh, I have noticed that you can move the camera around with 2 fingers. And that you can hit when it is in water even when it is moving.

I like these nice touch of polish

Just bought via Google Play Store. OMG. Scrolling?! HOW COULD YOU RUIN THE GAME LIKE THIS?!

j/k, really enjoying it so far and I expect to waste just as much of my life with this as I did for Desert Golfing (which is a masterpiece).

I already bought the game on iOS and wanted to play it on Mac as well. I bought it here and tried to open it on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 but I only get an error message that the App can't be opened. I'm still happy to support the developers but I'd still like to play the game on my Mac :)

Wish I had read this comment before I purchased - exactly the issue and OS version here. Guess I'll have to just keep playing on my iPad :P

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I bought the game on my iphone, love it ! This is the perfect game to chill in the  waiting room or before going to sleep. I just wanted to say I love your work, back in the days I spent an INSANE amount of time on Desert Golf... Too bad I couldn't go further than the 5057th hole... :D

no that's doable, right?

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How ? :D BTW it's a very old screenshot, I don't even have an android phone anymore.


One of the best games out there. I’m floored every time I launch it, which is daily.

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ha nice bro ill buy this when i get paid looks intresting